Velocity Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher (15mm)

Velocity Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher (15mm)


The Velocity LT Random Orbital Polisher 15mm long-throw buffing orbit provides more pad rotation, more work per pass with amazing results and unparalleled polishing effectiveness.


The 15mm long throw orbit has an 168% increase over the standard 8mm throw of a orbital polisher making this the perfect choice for large surface areas.  


The Velocity LT Random Orbital Polisher’s is highly effective with its powerful 75 watt, 7.5 amp motor and 2200 to 5200 orbits per minute (OPM) with reduced machine noise and minimal vibration.


The Velocity LT Long Throw Orbital Polisher comes with 2 optional ergonomic handles to ensure your grip, comfort and precise paint correction even on curved surfaces as you buff. The Right Angle Handle can be installed on either side of the DA Polisher or use the D-Handle that is also included.


Electronic Speed Control:

The Polisher electronic speed control supplies the following features:


Speed Setting: The speed of the polisher can be set by rotating the speed dial to the desired setting for any speed between 2,200 and 5,200 orbits per minute (OPM).


Speed Compensation: In case of overloading the polisher, the electronic speed control will compensate and maintain the selected speed at a safe level. (Exceeding this overload level may result in strong vibrations and tool overheating)


Soft Start Acceleration Ramp: To avoid kickback effect and compound splattering, the electronic speed control always supplies a smooth starting acceleration ramp when the Polisher is turned on.


Accidental Re-start Protection: In case of a sudden lack of main power supply, the electronic speed control prevents the re-start after the power supply is restored if the main switch is turned on. The polisher must be turned off and on again pushing the lever of the switch towards the body of the polisher.

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